At Phunware as a front end software engineer I was responsible for building the front-end of a cloud platform called MaaS from scratch. I worked with JAVA developers to design API’s that I integrated into a PHP application using the Symfony framework. I also worked very closely with the UI/UX and product teams to rapidly build working prototypes of features that eventually shipped to customers.

Admin Dashboards

Being primarily an admin tool, the MaaS UI consisted mainly of vairous dashboarsd and interfaces for our users to view data about mobile app usage, alerts and indoor mapping

Charts & visualizations

Working on a new product at a startup requires the ability to iterate quickly on features — often having to wear many hats in the process. I worked closely with engineering, product and design to come up with quick solutions for visualizing and managing mobile app data using front end visualization tools.

Indoor mapping UI

One of the biggest challenges with this project was to design and build a UI to manage points of interest and routes on indoor maps. This would allow people using our mobile apps to get directions from place-to-place inside buildings. It was amazing to see people place points on a map, then pull out your mobile app to see those points update in real time.

Mapping layout tools

I used the Leaflet open source mapping framework along with a custom set of drawing tools to allow users to place points, manage metadata and generate routes on indoor maps.

Built with Gatsby icon GatsbyJS in Austin, TX