Resideo is a Honeywell spinoff company that offers top quality IOT devices for comfort, security & water. My team was tasked with creating the Resideo Pro Portal, a software tool for professional hardware installers to manage their devices and business.


At the center of every admin portal is authentication. I helped lead the effort to integrate Auth0 into the Resideo Pro portal and built a custom universal login application used by the Resideo Pro Portal and Pro Installer mobile application for our users to login and manage their accounts including by a robust deployment process and documentation.


Navigating a complex hierarchy of pages on a site can be tricky -- especially on mobile. I worked closely with our UX designers to build a web & mobile navigation that was easy to use and accessible.

Back end development

Along with front end UI work I also helped contribute to our GraphQL gateway by adding a new service for integrating with the email service Mailjet. To ensure quality and stability I added a rich test suite for mocking requests and error handling.

Built with Gatsby icon GatsbyJS in Austin, TX